Say hello to Bravo,
your new Power BI buddy.

Analyze Model

Use Bravo to quickly analyze where your model consumes the most memory and choose which columns to remove to optimize it. You can also use Bravo to export your metadata to VPAX files.

Format DAX

Keep your DAX code clean and readable with Bravo.

Use Bravo to preview the measures that need to be formatted, and process them easily with the DAX Formatter service.

Manage Dates

Use Bravo to create a Date table in your model with different calendar templates, options, languages, and holidays for different countries.

Bravo can also add DAX measures that implement the most common time intelligence calculations.

Bravo has customizable date templates (and a template editor in Visual Studio Code) that an organization can distribute through group policies: standardizing the company calendar has never been easier!

Export Data

Use Bravo to easily export your data model to Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.

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